Principal's UPDATE


4/1/2020 Parents,

These are challenging times.  Our number one concern is the health and wellbeing of our students.   Structured learning time can help break up the long days of isolation and keep learning moving forward.  I have attached some highly recommended enrichment websites you can use with your child.   There are a few links near at the bottom that can be used to help with the emotional aspects of COVID-19.

MATH: -- Locate skills by grade level; Accounts are not necessary to use. Dreambox Learning -- Free account for 90 days; Independent learning for students through 8th grade. NRICH Secondary Math -- Problems & games for 6th through 12th grade. K-12 Math Activities for Families  -- Activities & challenge problems for students and families. Solve Me Puzzles - Use reasoning and math skills to solve fun puzzles. SCIENCE: Science - How Stuff Works  Science Kids NASA - Science at home for kids and families

Band Students: Visit the Free Resources page on the Band Website Guitar/Ukulele/Keyboard/Drums:  Little Kids Rock (lots of great free resources!)

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: PBS- How to Talk to Your Young Kids about Coronavirus  National Association of School Psychologists-Talking to your children CDC - Stress and Coping during Covid 19 Resources for Adults and Children Social Emotional Learning at Home - Slideshow with Short Daily Activities for use at Home




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