Principal's UPDATE

Students and Parents,

Please see the safety information below regarding the proper use of your District issued Chromebook.

Proper Handling of Chromebook/Electronics

Chromebooks, as well as all electronics can fail, malfunction, get hot or potentially catch fire.  Here are some safety steps you should take when handling electronics.


  • Always power off your Chromebook/electronics when not in use. 
  • Always power off your Chromebook/electronics at night or at the end of the day.
  • Do not leave your Chromebook/electronics on a soft surface like your bed, living room chair or couch.
  • If your Chromebook has hotspots on the back/plastic, which are spots that are hot to the touch.  If it smells hot or the plastic is discolored, contact technical support at (906)252-4310 or see Ms. Hook in the Library immediately. Make sure that the Chromebook is stored in an area that is fire safe, until you are able to bring it to school.
  • If your Chromebook monitor is cutting out/blinking/turning off on its own, contact technical support.
  • If you notice anything else out of the ordinary, with regards to the usage of your device, contact technical support.


Questions: email [email protected], call 252-4310 or stop in the Library. Don’t take any chances, just ask.


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